...with some of the unknowns of having a mastectomy/lumpectomy - like sharing with you about:

1. how the
underarm mastectomy pillows and mastectomy gift packs in the online store can
decrease some of the pain and discomfort after a mastectomy/lumpectomy, and give
comfort during chemotherapy

2. what
mastectomy clothes and clothing can ease the discomfort during a mastectomy or
lumpectomy recovery
and chemotherapy and radiation

3. what
mastectomy clothes and clothing is available to live as normal a life as possible
after a mastectomy - like
mastectomy nightgowns, mastectomy camisoles, mastectomy tops with
pockets, very light yet shaped breast forms or breast prosthesis.

In our store you will not find small, medium or large mastectomy clothes - all
mastectomy clothes are individually cut and made to fit your measurements, your needs,
and your comfort
. Designed and sewn by a person you can directly interact with, we can provide
you with a mastectomy clothing line that is made to whatever size or combination of sizes that
you may be,
whether you're petite with a DD cup or plus size with an A cup and anything in

gifts for after a mastectomy that show your love, support and help, such as:

underarm mastectomy pillows and comfort blankets with
fabric designs and softness that say "I love you"

books that talk about the emotional rollercoaster of breast
cancer mastectomy/lumpectomy, chemo and hair loss, sexual
concerns and questions about mastectomy/lumpectomy

angel pins and magnets that say before and after a
mastectomy/lumpectomy that you care and are thinking
of your loved one

So check out our online mastectomy clothes and mastectomy gift shop and
boutique for mastectomy clothing for yourself or your loved one or friend who is
having a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

    ... and if you just want to chat about mastectomy clothes, mastectomy clothing or
    mastectomy gifts to give, send us an email at lillian@mastectomydesigns.com or give us a
    call on our toll free (Canada and US) phone number 1-866-594-7435

    ...if you are a mastectomy boutique retailer for mastectomy clothes, mastectomy gifts,
    and very light breast forms, give us a call or send us an email to chat re: wholesale
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having experienced
breast cancer herself
in 2011
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Having a mastectomy or lumpectomy can be frightening because of so
many unknowns.  
Seeing your friend or loved one experiencing a
mastectomy or lumpectomy is heart-breaking.
I am now able to process
your credit card order over
the phone (verified through
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